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Professional Executive,

Business & Leadership Coaching

What This Initiative Is About


Your best deserve the best, so they can be even better.


And that is what World Class Executive, Business and Leadership Coaching is all about; enhancing the value propositions of your top leaders to deliver greater profitability, performance and fulfilment levels for your entire organization.


The truth of the matter is, the challenges of senior executive and business leadership, in a disruptive future, have never been greater. It's time you afford your most valuable human capital the best personal attention, professional resources and strategically customised tools, to give them a world class competitive edge in your marketplace.


The objective of World Class Executive, Business and Leadership Coaching is to assist your senior-most leaders get to a whole new level. And frankly, this is something you cannot afford, not to do!


***As you explore the immediacy with which you need to have this world class initiative as part of your mix, please note that all World Class Executive, Business and Leadership Coaching Initiatives are conducted personally by Mr. Manoj Sharma. As you may be aware, Mr. Sharma is one of the most accomplished and in-demand international executive coaches due to his unique expertise and experience in this field. Unfortunately due to Mr. Sharma’s tight international schedule he is highly selective of whom he works with, and only maintains a maximum of 3 executive, business and leadership coaching clients at any one time. So we would appreciate you request for this initiative at the earliest possible time.


What You Can Expect


A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


How This Initiative Is Conducted


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


          Illuminating introductions
          Engaging dialogues
          Interactive games & exercises
          Thought provoking debriefs
          Open questions & answer sessions
          Reflection time-outs
          Relevant case studies
          Enriching assignments
          Feedback loops


Initiative Outline


How This Initiative Is Run.


This 20-week long, once a week, up to 3-hours a session initiative is conducted On-The-Job.


It is run as a combination of One-to-One, Internal-Together-With-Your-Team and External-With-Clients-And-Partners sessions depending on your specific requirements. 


What You Will Gain Through This Initiative


  • A focused effort that other forms of organizational support simply cannot provide

  • A phenomenal strategic tool to assist key leaders deliver on their targets both faster and better

  • The immediacy of results that only coaching can provide

  • Accurate executive developmental feed-forward and feed-back to prevent plateauing

  • The opportunity to work with an independent and objective party while sharpening your skill and overcoming blind spots

  • A proactive initiative that will improve your professional performance and personal fulfillment levels

  • Absolute support and confidentiality towards raising your already high standards


In essence what you will gain through this initiative will be literally priceless and will     have a significant immediate impact on your top and bottom line.


Who This initiative Is For…


This initiative is exclusively for CEOs, CXOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, Directors, General Managers and other Key Leaders.


Type Of Initiative


Fully Customizable In House Program Designed To Meet Your Key Leader’s Specific Needs


Initiative Outline


The Fully Customizable 18-Steps Process


PART A – Setting Up The Framework For World Class Wins            


          Step I


  • Identifying Present Life Situation          

  • Comprehensively exploring the present domains of Finances, Career, Business, Relationships and Life-In-General.

          Step 2


  • Appreciating Historic Life Situation                  

  • Having a deep appreciation of the historical challenges and wins faced in the domains Finances, Career, Business, Relationships and Life-In-General.


          Step 3


  • Identifying Ideal Life Situation               

  • Comprehensively exploring the present domains of Finances, Career, Business, Relationships and Life-In-General.

          Step 4

  • Discovering Unique Psychometric and Behavioral Profile   

  • Psycho metrically identify your real motivators, empowering and limiting strategies and self-image.

          Step 5


  • Exploring The Manoj Sharma Individual True Wealth Model

  • Using The Manoj Sharma Individual True Wealth Model to assist in gaining clarity, educate the foundation, develop the building blocks and coach the aesthetics of what it really takes to win at your finances, career, business, relationships and life.


PART B – Creating Enhanced Value Proposition Targets


          Step 6


  • Gaining Clarity of Intention

  • Clarifying the 7 core areas of your values, passions, vision, mission, rewards, talents and identity.


          Step 7


  • Establishing Dynamic Working Targets

  • Identifying your unique, specific, measurable, tangible, time-framed, aligned work & life- based goals in reality with the Partner, Team & I philosophy and Step 1- 5 as the underlying foundation to establish Dynamic Working Targets.

          Step 8


  • Appreciating The Foundations of Success

  • Appreciating how critical it is to build a winning foundation by deepening your relationships with targets, opportunities, environments, masters and coach ability.


PART C – Ensuring 360° Focus & Delivery On Your Targets            


          Step 9


  • Reaching Out to Key Stakeholders

  • Reaching out to key stakeholders and introducing your High Value Executive Coaching initiatives to them. Identifying your dream team of masters, mentors, guides and coaches.

          Step 10


  • Inviting In your Dream Team

  • Inviting in your dream team of masters, mentors, guides, teachers and coaches by dialoguing your Dynamic Working Targets with them and identifying competencies required to “ Hit-The-Target ”.


          Step 11

  • Gaining Buy In from your Dream Team           

  • Initiating your 360 º Coaching Dialogues with your dream team to map, analyze and appreciate present competencies. Starting to get everyone to appreciate the benefits of The Result is Your Guru philosophy. 


          Step 12


  • Opting Into your Dynamic Working Targets               

  • Getting everybody involved and onto the same page with a clear focus of the what, when and how     of your High Value Executive Coaching initiatives. Doing a reality check on what needs to be done and what it will really take to get it done.


PART D – Relentlessly Advancing Your Targets                    


          Step 13


  • Delivering Well on your Dynamic Working Targets                

  • Doing a Now-to-Now Mapping and setting milestones for your Dynamic Working Targets with Manoj Sharma’ s C.R.A.W.K. framework.


          Step 14


  • Seizing Opportunities to Win

  • Systematically working hard and smart in a highly structured and methodical way by seizing opportunities to gain greater clarity, maintain higher levels of focus, while building momentum, experiencing breakthroughs, delivering wins and celebrating every step of the way.


          Step 15


  • Truthing & Correcting C.R.A.W.K.

  • Becoming highly Profitability, Performance and Fulfilment Conscious and adjusting dynamically accordingly with feed backing and forwarding from you, your Dream Team and Dynamic Working Targets.


PART E – Measuring & Celebrating Your ROI              


          Step 16

  • Measuring Observable Outcomes & ROI         

  • Fact-finding, collating, analysing, and appreciating ROI on High Value Executive Coaching through 360º Coaching Dialogues and PRO.PER.FUL MATRIX factoring in past, present and future advancement, achievement and accomplishment.


          Step 17


  • Celebrating Together                 

  • Reflecting on advancements, achievements and accomplishments as a team and keeping a clear     focus on creating an even more powerful future with the High Value Executive Coaching as a foundation. 


PART F – Creating The Framework To Build Upon These World Class Wins             


          Step 18


  • Championing Forward

  • Exploring how best to Create a Coaching Organization where all key stakeholders are certified as competent professional coaches and the rest of the organization is not just opened to and prepared to immediately benefit from coaching in a sustainable and scalable, profitability, performance and fulfillment enhancing way.



Duration Of Initiative


10/20 Sessions, over 10/20 Weeks, between 1-2 Hours a session


You are welcome to further talk to us about adjusting the timing to your organizations flexibility.


Location Of Initiative


Onsite at your office, wherever in the world you are.

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