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Making This Year Your Best Year Ever

A Goal Setting Workshop

What This Initiative Is About


Put simply, this workshop is about Making This Year Your Best Year Ever is designed to do 5 things in the most powerful way possible.


Assist you…

  1. Create a powerfully set of aligned personal and professional goals.

  2. Incorporate your goals into your year-round activities.

  3. To get the people around you to support you in the advancement of your goals.

  4. Come up with a step-by-step process that allows you to take action towards the achievement of your goals.

  5. Accomplish what you set out to achieve at the start of the year before the year is over.


In a nutshell, it will probably be the most impactful and rewarding goal setting workshop you will ever attend. 


What You Can Expect


A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


  • Illuminating introductions

  • Engaging dialogues

  • Interactive games & exercises

  • Thought provoking debriefs

  • Open questions & answer sessions

  • Reflection time-outs

  • Relevant case studies

  • Enriching assignments

  • Feedback loops


Initiative Outline


Part 1 - Bringing Your Goals Into Your Mind


How Big Is Your World

  • The “What Are You Really Here For” Exercise

  • What Are Your Believes When It Comes To Goals & Goal Setting?

  • Why Set Goals And Why Not To Set Goals

  • Are You A Goal Achiever?

  • Do Goals Work For Everyone And Will They Really Work For Me?

  • What Will Happen If I Set Some Goals?


The John Lennon Challenge

  • Another Year Over And A New One Just Begun

  • Honestly And Accurately Taking Stock Of Last Year

  • What Did You Advance, Achieve and Accomplish?

  • What Did You Not Advance, Achieve and Accomplish?

  • What Worked For You?

  • What Did Not Work For You?


The “Where Are Your Going” Exercise

  • Do You Know Where You Are Going?

  • Why Are You Doing What You Are Doing?

  • Will Any Road Will Take You There?


Looking Back I Only Saw One Road

  • Destiny Versus Desire

  • The “How I’d Like To Be Remembered” Exercise

  • From A Wandering Uncertainty To A Meaningful Contribution

  • The “NOW Is The Point of Power” Exercise


The Best Practices Towards Achieve Your Goals


Part 2 - Bringing Your Goals Into Your World


The “Hit The Target” Exercise

  • You Live In A World Of Endless Choice – So Choose

  • Why Are You Where You Are At?

  • Your Access and Barriers To Achievement

  • Differentiating Between The Already Achieved & Not Yet Achieved


Knowing Your Situations

  • Your Historic Life Situation

  • Your Present Life Situation

  • Your Future Life Situation


The Main Keys To Achieving Your Goals

  • The Principle of Sacrifice

  • The Principle of Giving

  • The Principle of Giving Up

  • The Principle of Inconvenience

  • The Principle of Discomfort


Knowing Your Greatest Wealth

  • Your Time, Your Resources and Your Energy

  • Distinguishing Between Wasting, Spending and Investing


Through The Looking Glass It All Started With A Little Mouse Case Studies


The Manoj Sharma People Model

The Heart Of The Matter

  • Raising Your Consciousness

Discovering The Nature Of Your World

  • How Your World Really Works Versus How You’d Like It To 

Gaining Clarity of Intention – Getting A Laser Sharp Focus

  • Gaining Personal Clarity

Discovering Your…

  • Personal Values

  • Personal Passion        

  • Personal Mission

  • Personal Rewards

  • Personal Identity

Gaining Professional Clarity

Discovering Your…

  • Professional Values

  • Professional Passion  

  • Professional Vision

  • Professional Mission

  • Professional Rewards

  • Professional Identity


Your Identity Is An Expression of Who You Are Being


Creating Your Target

  • Creating Goals As A Function Of Your Target

  • Seeking Opportunities as a Function Of Your Goals

  • Producing Results As A Function Of Your Opportunities

The 5 Areas of Holistic Goal Setting

  • Your Financial Goals

  • Your Mental Goals

  • Your Emotional Goals

  • Your Physical Goals

  • Your Spiritual Goals


How To Create Empowering Financial and Non-Financial Goals

  • Creating Your Top 12 Goals

  • Transforming Your Goals Into A Contribution

  • Identifying Your Wildly Integrated Goal

  • The 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 System Of Goal Alignment


Part 3 - Bringing Your World Into Your Goals


Are You An Eagle Or An Oyster?

  • Proactivity Versus Reactivity


You And New

  • An Invitation To Yourself

  • Same-Old, Same-Old versus Different-New, Different-New


The Energy Conversations

  • How Focus Relates To Energy

  • How Energy Relates To Your Goals

  • The Principles behind “The Secret” and “The Laws of Attraction”


You Are The Slate On Which Your World Exists

  • The “Clearing The Slate” Exercise

  •  The “Creating A New Slate” Exercise

  • Winning Over Your Parents

  • Winning Over Your Spouse / Partner

  • Winning Over Your Children

  • Winning Over Your Bosses

  • Winning Over Your Colleagues

  • Winning Over Your Friends


The Power Exercises

  • The Power Of Gratitude

  • The Power Of Contribution

  • The Power of Re-Creating Your Identity In Your World

Part 4 - Bringing Your Goals Into Action


Actioning your Goals

  • The “Treasure Mapping Your Goals” FunShop

  • The “PERT Charting Your Goals” Activity

  • The “Visualising Your Goals” Exercise

  • The “Sharing Your Goals” Exercise


Breaking Down Your Goals Into Actionable Steps

  • Quarterly Actionable Steps

  • Monthly Actionable Steps

  • Weekly Actionable Steps

  • Daily Actionable Steps


A Principle In The Universe

  • The Paradox Of Simultaneous Harmony and Disharmony


Part 5 - Bringing Your Goals Into Fruition


Choosing Your 2009 Goal Achievement Team

  • Kick Starting Your Success, Right Now

  • The Power Of Partnerships


Time Excellence Strategies


Improving Your Efficiency, Effectiveness and Efficacy

  • Overcoming Procrastination

  • Your Time Wasters / Time Spenders / Time Investors

  • Saying Yes, Saying No And Saying Maybe I’ll Try


Being A High Performer

  • Mastering The 5 Stages of Performance

  • The Performance Matrix


Focusing On Your Priorities And The Results

  • Making The Result Your Guru


Identifying The Competencies You Will Need To Acquire


Keeping The Dialogue Going

  • The Difference Between Expectations And Goals

  • Perseverance By Goethe

  • Continuous Effort By Churchill

  • Gaining True Freedom

  • Being Certain with Uncertainty

  • Your Weekly Goal Achievement Team Plan

  • Technological and Non-Technological Goal Achievement Solutions

  • Celebrating Advancements, Achievements and Accomplishments

Living As Your Future Now

  • The Difference That Will Make The Difference

  • Differentiating The Difference

  • Your New Agreement With Yourself

  • Focusing Your Attention With Intention


Getting Others To Benefit From Higher Performance, Greater Profitability and Priceless Fulfilment

  • Feedback Loops

  • Follow On Activities

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