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A Series Of Transformational Dialogues

“No matter what stage of your life you are at and regardless of your status in society, in all likelihood, you will get tremendous sustainable scalable value out of this initiative. As a matter of fact, I can virtually promise it.”  Manoj Sharma

Tomes have been written and so much has been said about leadership for millenniums. And when we put aside opinions, the question is, “What is the truth about leadership from a principle-based perspective?”

This is what KNOWING - A Series Of Transformational Dialogues is all about; the perennial truths, stated by the greats at different time, that humanity repeatedly and conveniently forgets.


Through this initiative you will:

  • Better know the nature of your world,

  • Examine your life thus far,

  • Know your self & SELF,

  • Explore how you play the game called your life,

  • Appreciate the daily truths of leadership,

  • Discover the lifelong wisdoms of leadership,

  • Be at your absolute best,

  • Play at your highest level


So, come join us now for this highly illuminating initiative, gain timeless knowledge and apply it profitably at work, home and in society too.

Be prepared to:


  • Explore ideas of extraordinary size with numerous subtleties.

  • Have them presented to you gradually.

  • Piece them together bit by bit.

  • Make the whole picture appear for you.

  • Act on this initiative to enjoy collective profitability, performance and fulfillment.

You, your colleagues, your family and your friends. And anybody who cares to get a universal appreciation of leadership and improve upon their present ability.

Part #1 Knowing The Nature Your World


  • This Planet What Happened, What’s Happening What’s Likely To Happen

  • Is Humanity Moving Forward, Stagnant or Falling Behind?

  • Short Term Profit Long Term Gain?

  • Knowing The Lives Of The Greatest Leaders We’ve Ever Had

  • Who Are The Great Leaders Of Today?

  • The Nature Of Your World Is _____________________


Part #2 Examining Your Life Thus Far

  • Where You Came From What You’ve Done

  • Where You Are At What You Are Doing

  • Where Are You Going To What Are You Going To Do

  • Are You Thinking Or ‘Thoughting’

  • Are You Living Your Life or Someone Else’s Idea Of It?

  • Your Life Is An _____________________


Part #3 Knowing Your Self & SELF

  • Your Observations Of Your True Personality

  • Your Observations Of Your Motivations At Play

  • Your Observations Of Your Empowering Limiting Strategies

  • Your Observations Of Your Self Image

  • Your Observations Of Your Emotional Intelligence Tendencies

  • Moving Beyond Labels Who Are You Beyond Your Personality, Motivations, Strategies, Image Titles?

  • At The End Of The Day, You Are A Unit Of _____________________


Part #4 Playing The Game Called Your Life

  • How People Play The Games Called Work, Home Play

  • How Does It All Impact Society?

  • How Have You Been Playing The Game Called Your Life?

  • The “You Are Walking Down The Street” Dialogue

  • Your Life Is About Taking _____________________


Part #5 The Daily Truths Of Leadership

  • What Is The Purpose Of Work

  • What Is The Purpose Of Home

  • What Is The Purpose Of Play

  • How Do You Feel Society Should Be

  • At Work, Home At Play Be _____________________


Part #6 The Lifelong Wisdoms Of Leadership

  • The ‘What Is Life All About? ’ Dialogue

  • What Do Human Beings Value The Most?

  • The Values Conversation Getting To The Heart Of The Values

  • Can You Be With What Is, As It Is?

  • The Universe Seems To Desire To _____________________


Part #7 Being At Your Absolute Best

  • Being A Congruent Identity Living Your Core Values, Innermost Passion, Compelling Vision, Sense Of Mission, Desired Reward

  • Choosing Your Targets Exercise

  • Being BIG, UnReal Grateful

  • Live Your Life As A _____________________


Part #8 Playing At The Highest Level

  • Appreciating The Dynamics Of Intention, Context Content

  • The “Being, Doing, Having Giving” Demonstration

  • Integrating Commitment, Excellence Mastery Through Your Daily Disciplines For Life

  • All You Have Is _____________________

This life changing and perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


  • Illuminating introductions

  • Engaging Dialogues

  • Interactive games & exercises

  • Thought provoking debriefs

  • Open questions & answer sessions

  • Reflection time-outs

  • Relevant case studies

  • Enriching assignments

  • Feedback loops

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