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Dynamic Leadership At Every Level

Getting The Best
Out Of The People In Your Organisation

What This Initiative Is About


In today’s rapidly changing global environment, while leadership makes a difference, it is dynamic leadership that wins the day.


Dynamic Leadership at every level is beyond the normality of efficiency and the striving for effectiveness, as it’s about efficacy – the power with which you are able to deliver a desirable result – under pressure.


Dynamic leadership differs itself from all other forms of leadership as it is about leading at the cutting edge of change. Something your organization needs to get every individual to do.


What You Can Expect


A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


How This Initiative Is Conducted


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


Illuminating introductions
Engaging dialogues
Interactive games & exercises
Thought provoking debriefs
Open questions & answer sessions
Reflection time-outs
Relevant case studies
Enriching assignments
Feedback loops


Initiative Outline


Overview Of The Future

  • Seeing The Dynamics Of Change In Action

  • Communicating The Dynamics Of Change

  • Exploring The P.I.D.O.C.O.S. To Change

  • Why Is Dynamic Leadership The Answer


The Diamond Principle

  • What Makes The Great Professionals Great

  • Exploring The Manoj Sharma People Model

  • What Makes Great Organizations Great

  • Exploring The Manoj Sharma Organisation Model

The P.R.I.C.E Model In Relation To Dynamic Leadership

  • Proactivity Versus Reactivity

  • Responsibility Versus Irresponsibility

  • Innovation Versus Stagnation

  • Commitment Versus Consideration

  • Excellence Versus Everyday

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