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Collaborative Negotiation 

What This Initiative Is About


In today’s world, negotiation is a “part and parcel” competency required by the most successful leaders towards fulfilling their daily functions.


Negotiations skills are used…


Strategically in long-term deal making,

Cross-culturally across international boundaries,

Tactically in changing the nature of an established game,

Towards influencing a mutually beneficial outcome, and

Preemptively towards securing scarce resources.


In a professional environment, Collaborative Negotiations is useful both internally with peers, subordinates and bosses and externally with suppliers, customers, competitors and collaborators.


Collaborative Negotiations is a real-world, practical and professional negotiations program. It will assist you develop the fundamental mind-sets and skill-sets to be a Collaborative Negotiator. The program will endeavour to significantly sharpen your negotiations acumen whether you are engaging in…


Hard or Soft Negotiations,

Open or Closed Negotiations, 

Old or New Negotiations, or even

Warm or Cold Negotiations


It is a fully interactive, immersive program that draws on the latest research and best practices to enable collaborative – win/win/win negotiations.


It is transformational in nature as it assists you to identify your natural negotiation style, recognise other people’s negotiation style, and build your negotiations competencies towards achieving win/win/win outcomes.


“Yes”, it will assist you gain immediate financial and non-financial benefits with respect to the negotiations you are presently engaged in. Furthermore, the frameworks you will gain and capabilities you build will put you in good stead towards any future negotiations you will partake in.


In a nutshell, Collaborative Negotiations is a program that will pay for itself again and again. It is transformational in nature as it assists you to identify your natural negotiation style, recognise other people’s negotiation style, and build your negotiations competencies towards achieving win/win/win outcomes.


What You Can Expect


A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


How This Initiative Is Conducted


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


Illuminating introductions
Engaging dialogues
Interactive games & exercises
Thought provoking debriefs
Open questions & answer sessions
Reflection time-outs
Relevant case studies
Enriching assignments
Feedback loops


Initiative Outline


The Particulars Of Negotiations


What Is Negotiation?


You Cannot Step Into The Same River Twice


The Possible Negotiations Outcomes


  • The Possibility of Status Quo

  • The Possibility of Losing

  • The Possibility of Drawing

  • The Possibility of Winning   


The Three Crucial Elements To Any Negotiations


  • The Time Factor

  • The Knowledge Factor

  • The Power Factor


The Psychology of Negotiations


The “Individual Interest” Game


Debriefing The “Individual Interest” Game


Distinguishing The Different Types of Negotiators


  • The Regenerative Negotiator

  • The Benevolent Negotiator

  • The Effectuate Negotiator

  • The Especial Negotiator

  • The Erudite Negotiator

  • The Allegiant Negotiator

  • The Affective Negotiator

  • The Provocative Negotiator

  •  The Amiable Negotiator


 The Motivations Of The Different Types Of Negotiators


The Strategies Of The Different Types Of Negotiators


The Gravitations Of The Different Types Of Negotiators


The Identity of The Different Types Of Negotiators                        


The Philosophy of Negotiations


The 1 – 0 Game


Debriefing The 1 – 0 Game


  • Exploring Your Negotiations Orientations

  • The Integrative – Distributive Spectrum Of Negotiations

  • The Dynamics Of Evolving Negotiations

  • The Dynamics Of Competitive Negotiations

  • The Dynamics Of Destructive Negotiations

  • The Dynamics Of Collaborative Negotiations


 Negotiating For The Future Now


  • Brightness Of The Future

  • Quantity Of Interaction

  • Quality Of Interaction

  • Darkness Of The Future


The Price of Negotiations


Exploring The Hidden Traps Of Decision Making & Problem Solving


The Merger & Acquisition Game


  • Debriefing The Merger & Acquisition Game

  • The Principles Of Calculated Decision Making

  • Gain Thinking Versus Loss Thinking


The Salvaging Game 


  • Debriefing The Salvaging Game

  • Identifying Your Risk Threshold


The Shares Game


  • Debriefing The Shares Game

  • Framing Your Wins

  • Framing Your Loses

  • Framing Your Risks


The Divide The Figure Game


  • Debriefing The Divide The Figure Game

  • Your Barriers Of Your Anchors


The Green Card / Red Card Game


  • Debriefing The Green Card / Red Card Game

  • Escaping The Confirmation Trap

  • The Confirmation Bias


The Process of Negotiations


The Pre-Game Of Negotiations

  • The Science Of Preparations

  • The Science Of Planning


The Game Of Negotiations


  • The Art Of Listening

  • The Art Of Questioning

  • The Art Of Dialoguing

  • The Art Of Crystallizing

  • The Art Of Actioning

  • The Art Of Feed-Forwarding

  • The Art Of Winning


The Post-Game Of Negotiations


  • The Science Of Reviewing

  • The Science Or Renewing


The Principles of Negotiations


The Harvard Method Of Collaborative World Class Negotiations


  • Separate The People From The Problem

  • Focus On Interests Not Positions

  • Invent Options For Future Gain

  • Use An Objective Criteria Set


The 4 Key Concepts In Collaborative World Class Negotiations


  • The Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement

  • The Reserve Price

  • The Zone Of Possible Agreements

  • The Intention Of Creating Value


The 10 Steps To Collaborative World Class Negotiations Framework


  • Know The Win/Win/ Win Outcomes

  • Identifying Opportunities For Value Creation

  • Identifying The Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreements

  • Identifying The Reserve Price

  • Weigh Out The Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreements

  • Appreciate The Regulatory Environment

  • Know Your Collaborator World View

  • Be Flexible

  • Establish Benchmarks And References

  • Alter The Process Towards Win/Win/Win Outcomes

Your Chief Facilitator - Manoj Sharma

Who is Manoj Sharma?

Manoj Sharma is just a human being, doing his best to make a small difference in the world.


Professionally, Manoj Sharma is the Chief Facilitator of 


Manoj Sharma started his career in Special International Events for the Walt Disney Co. He continued, as a Group Business Development Director for a tech startup which was sold for SGD 23.5 million. He was subsequently the CEO of the Singapore Service Academy for more than 10 years. He has advised more than 300 large public and private organisations, assisted them with their organisational and professional development needs, as well as delivered keynotes and facilitated programs globally for more than 110,000 people. He considers this to be an absolute privilege.


Manoj sits on various committees. In 2003 he was invited by SPRING Singapore to advice on how to grow Singapore’s entrepreneurship landscape and subsequently sat of the Board of the Action Committee for Entrepreneurship. In 2012, he was invited by the Singapore Kindness Movement to conceptualise the framework for Kindness@Work, a national initiative designed to create a more gracious society starting with the CEOs of large organisations. Outside of his roles with the aforementioned organisations, he is highly active in the international start-up scene, as an investor, speaker, judge and thoroughly delights in mentoring entrepreneurs from around the world.


In his free time, Manoj enjoys playing a round of golf with his buddies. As for the future, Manoj looks forward to continue to contribute to society, to the best of his abilities.

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