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Catapulting Small And Medium Enterprise Into Multi National Corporations

In most countries around the world, Small and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of the economic system, the drivers of growth and the building blocks of the nation.


Small and Medium Businesses, regardless of how micro they are at the point of starting up or how established they are as family businesses, have the greatest capacity for growth. As organizations, Small and Medium Companies are most entrepreneurial in nature, have the greatest potential for enduring value creation and are thus great assets when it comes to adding to the wealth of a nation.


The challenge is that in a GLOCAL (Global and Local) World, barriers to trade are fast being torn down and competition come thick from all corners of the globe.


This program is designed to give your Small and Medium Enterprise the best practical international education and coaching possible so you can grow as you aspire.


Get in touch with us, embark on a journey that assists you professionalize and achieve your goals.


What You Can Expect


A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


How This Initiative Is Conducted


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


Illuminating introductions
Engaging dialogues
Interactive games & exercises
Thought provoking debriefs
Open questions & answer sessions
Reflection time-outs
Relevant case studies
Enriching assignments
Feedback loops


Initiative Outline


Step 1 – Creating World Class Strategies


Working On And In Your Business

Thinking GLOCAL – Global & Local

The Old Got You Here And New Will Get You There

Benchmarking Your Leadership

Benchmarking Your Business

Truthing What Works And What Doesn’t Work

Gaining Clarity Of Intention On Your…

  • New Values

  • New Vision

  • New Mission

  • New Rewards

  • New Identity

  • New Code Of Conduct

  • New Value Proposition


Creating Your Lists

  • Your Business Wish List

  • Your Priority List

  • Your Action List


Creating Your New Executive Business Plan

  • Your New Strategic Objective

  • Your New Key Strategic Indicators

  • Your New Schedule Of Events

  • Your New Budget & Source Of Funds

  • Your New Organization Strategies

  • Your New Roles & Responsibilities

  • Your New Branding, Marketing & Sales Value Propositions

  • Your New Target Market

  • Your New Positioning Strategy

  • Your New Financial Goals

  • Your New Financial Strategy

  • Your New Pricing Strategy

  • Your New Go To Market Steps


Step 2 – Creating World Class Leadership


Primary Leadership - Getting The Best Out Of Yourself

The “Primary Leadership” Game – The Earning Your Keep Approach

Debriefing The Primary Leadership Game


The 7 Ps of Primary Leadership

  • The Value of Principles

  • The Value of Proactivity

  • The Value of Problems

  • The Value of Patience

  • The Value of Profitability

  • The Value of Performance

  • The Value of Peace


The Keys to High Fulfilment

  • Being Secure

  • Being Loved

  • Being Free


Secondary Leadership – Getting The Best Out Of Your Teams

The “Secondary Leadership” Game – The KAIZEN Approach

Debriefing The “Secondary Leadership” Game


The 10 Dimensions of Secondary Leadership

  • Raising Your Team’s Awareness

  • Knowing Your Team’s Personality

  • Clarifying Their Intention

  • Aligning Their Targets

  • Creating Opportunities For Them To Win

  • Building A Great Team Environment For Them

  • Coaching Them To Deliver Excellent Results

  • Inviting Them To Remain Coachable

  • Developing Their Competencies

  • Leading Your Leader


The Keys To High Performance

  • Building Trust

  • Correction, Without Protection

  • Measuring What Matters


Tertiary Leadership – Getting The Best Out Of Other Leaders

The “Tertiary Leadership” Game – The 1 - 0 Approach

Debriefing The “Tertiary Leadership” Game

  • The Lessons of Servant Leadership

  • The Lessons of Collaborative Leadership

  • The Lessons of Visionary Leadership

  • The Lessons of Congruent Leadership

  • The Lessons of Spiritual Leadership

  • The Lessons of Primal Leadership

  • The Lessons of Chaordic Leadership

  • The Lessons of Creative Leadership

  • The Lessons of Presidential Leadership


Defining Your World Class Transformational Leadership Style

  • Are You A Regenerative Leader?

  • Are You A Benevolent Leader?

  • Are You An Effectuate Leader?

  • Are You An Especial Leader?

  • Are You An Erudite Leader?

  • Are You An Allegiant Leader?

  • Are You An Affective Leader?

  • Are You A Provocative Leader?

  • Are You An Amiable Leader?


The Keys To High Profitability

  • Being In Service

  • Collaboration Endlessly

  • Inviting Leaders To Lead with You


Step 3 – Creating World Class Branding, Marketing & Sales


Re-Segmenting Your Business

Your Primary Segmentation

Individual Segmentation by…

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Occupation

  • Income

  • Designation

  • Education

  • Marital Status

  • Location

  • Others


Organization Segmentation by…

  • Industry

  • Size Of Business

  • Locations

  • Financial Status

  • Others


Your Secondary Segmentation

Your Disruptive Strategy


Re-Branding Your Business

Moving From A Commodity To A Product & Service, To A Brand



  • Your Niche

  • Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Your Name

  • Your URL

  • Your Logo

  • Your Tagline

  • Your Scheme


Establishing Congruency

  • Inside-Out And Outside-In Alignment

  • The Organization Wide Consistency Test

  • Branding Feed-Backing & Feed-Forwarding

Re-Marketing Your Business

Re-Establishing Your Marketing Mix

Your Product, Price, Placement & Promotion


Identifying What You Want Your Marketing To Do

  • Maximizing Sales

  • Increasing Publicity

  • Brand Building

  • Persuading Buyers

  • Introducing New Products & Services

  • Marketing Positioning

  • To Face Competition

  • Inform Of Changes

  • To Counter Competitor Advertising

  • To Enhance Goodwill


Following A Step By Step Marketing System

  • Doing Your Marketing Research

  • Setting Out Your Marketing Aims

  • Putting Aside A Marketing Budget

  • Choosing The Best Above The Line & Below The Line Media For Your Marketing

  • Choosing The Best Online & Offline Media For Your Marketing

  • Designing & Copyrighting Your Marketing Collateral

  • Coordinating Your Marketing Efforts

  • Testing & Measuring Your Marketing Results


Re-Selling Your Business

Dissecting Your Buyers Mindsets


What Is Your Buyer In The Market For?

  • Relating To An Attracting A New Status Quo Buyer

  • Relating To A Repelling An Old Status Quo Buyer

  • Relating To A Neutral Or Uncertain Status Quo Buyer


The Cost Issue

  • Addressing “It Is Too Much”

  • Addressing “It Is Too Little”

  • Addressing ‘It Is Just Right”

  • The Quality Issue

  • Addressing “It Is Too Good”

  • Addressing “It Is Too Poor”

  • Addressing “It Is Just Right”


The Value Issues

  • Good Or Bad

  • Helpful Or Harmful

  • Success Or Failure

  • Enhances Identity Or Diminishes Identity

  • Promotes Knowledge Or Ignorance

  • Ensures Security Or Uncertainty

  • Makes Happy Or Does Not

  • Brings Freedom Or Keeps Trapped

  • Delivers Peace Of Mind Or Not


The Features Issue

  • I Want

  • I Don’t Want


The Functions Issue

  • As It Should

  •  As It Shouldn’t


The Usability Issue

  • Can It Be Used

  • Can’t It Be Used


The Buyability Issue

  • Easy To Buy

  • Hard To Buy


The Channels Issue

  • Direct Selling

  • Agent Selling

  • Distributor Selling

  • Retail Selling

  • Wholesale Selling


Step 4 – Creating World Class Financing


Let’s Talk About Money

   Money As A Source Of Good Or Evil


The 10 Principles Of Money


Exploring The Indicators Of Your Financial Health

Your Balance Sheet

Your Profit & Loss Statements

Your Input / Output Statements

Your Valuation

  • Market Value

  • Book Value

  • Liquidation Value

  • Perceived Value


Financial Strategies


For The Investor

         Optimizing Investor Value


For The C.E.O.

         Salary & Incentives


For The Business

Optimizing Revenue

  • Products & Services x Pricing x Volume

Optimizing Cost Of Goods Sold

  • Borrowing, Expenses, Uncertainties & Taxes

Optimizing Profitability

  • Good Versus Bad Leverage

  • Basement & Ceiling Pricing

  • Breakeven Analysis


Maximizing Cash Flow

  • The Concept Of Liquidity

  • Maximizing Inflows Of Cash

  • Minimizing Outflows Of Cash

  • Bridging Shortfalls

  • Leveraging Surpluses

  • Forecasting Cash Flows


Step 5 – Creating World Class Operations


Benchmarking Your Operations


The 10 Stage Benchmarking Process

  • Identify What Is To Be Benchmarked

  • Identify Comparative Companies

  • Determine Data Collection Method And Collect Data

  • Determine Current Performance Gap

  • Project Future Performance Levels

  • Communicate Benchmark Findings And Gain Acceptance

  • Establish functional Goals

  • Develop Action Plans

Implement Specific Actions And Monitor Progress

Recalibrate Benchmarks


Exploring The Tenets Of System Thinking

The Reality Of Interdependence

The Saving Grace Of Holism

The Goal Seeking Outlook

The Inputs And Outputs Of Open And Closed Systems

The Transformation Of Inputs Into Outputs

The Dilemma Of Entropy

The Need For Regulation

The Hierarchy Of Whole And Subsystems

The Equifinality Of Convergence

The Multifinality Of Divergence


The Keys Of World Class Operations


Wasted Time, Resources & Energy

  • Eliminating Waiting Time

  • Eliminating Transporting Time

  • Eliminating Unnecessary Processes

  • Eliminating Excess Inventory

  • Eliminating Excess Motion

  • Eliminating Overproduction

  • Eliminating The Need To Correct Errors


Spent Time, Resources & Energy

  • Spending Less On Equipment

  • Redesigning Processes

  • Reducing Workforce

  • Improving Service Excellence


Invested Time, Resources & Energy

  • Investing In Activities That Create Value

  • Investing In Steps To Deliver Created Value

  • Investing In Eliminating Non Value Creating Activities

  • Investing In On Demand Products, Services & Ideas

  • Investing In KAIZEN


Integrating The Brilliance Of TQM

  • Kaizen – Continuous Process Improvements To Make Processes Visible, Repeatable And Measurable

  • Atarime Hinshitsu – Making Things Work As They Are Supposed To

  • Kansei – Examining How The User Uses The Product, Service and Idea

  • Miryokuteki Hinshitsu – Enhancing The Aesthetic Quality


The Practical Philosophy Of Theory Of Constraints

Identifying The Constraint

Deciding How To Exploit The Constraint

Subordinating All Other Processes To The Above Decision

Elevating The Constraint

Restarting All Over Again


Step 6 – Creating World Class Research, Development & Innovation


The Evolution Of Research & Development – Your Great Unexplored Frontier

From The Back Office To The Front Line

From Technical Expertise To Business Strategist

Distinguishing Creativity, Invention & Innovation



Innovating In Relation To…


Your Customers

  • Market Gaps

  • Customer Needs

  • Your Possibilities


Your Products, Services & Ideas Offerings

  • Addressing Market Gaps

  • Addressing Customer Needs

  • Addressing Your Possibilities


Your People

  • Developing R&D Mind Sets

  • Developing R&D Skill Sets

  • Developing R&D Business Sets


Your Key Performance Indicators

  • Financial Measurements

  • Customer Measurements

  • People Measurements

  • Industry Measurements


Your Industry

  • Internal Benchmarks

  • External Benchmarks

  • Productivity Benchmarks

  • Quality Benchmarks

  • Quantity Benchmarks

  • Profitability Benchmarks

  • Performance Benchmarks

  • Fulfilment Benchmarks


Your Future Opportunities

  • Future Trends

  • Future Scenarios

  • Future Projects Now


Step 7 – Creating World Class Intrapreneurial Organization


The History Of Intrapreneurship

  • Pinchot, Naisbitt & Kanter


The Benefits Of Intrapreneurship To Your Organization

  • The Strategic Angle

  • The GLOCAL Angle

  • The Profitability Angle

  • The Performance Angle

  • The Fulfilment Angle

  • The Industry Angle

  • The Competitive Advantage Angle


The Keys To Investing In Intrapreneurship

  • Exploring Your Return On Intrapreneurial Investment


Identifying Your Top Intrapreneurs

  • Finding Your Intrapreneurial Personalities

  • Testing Your Intrapreneurial Personalities

  • Developing Your Intrapreneurial Personalities Mind Sets

  • Developing Your Intrapreneurial Personalities Skill Sets


Focusing On Exploring Disruptive Technologies & Large Emerging Markets

  • Finding The Simpler, Cheaper And Niche Performing

  • Finding Thinner Margins But Larger Quantities

  • Finding New Customers & Avoiding Current Customers

  • Finding New Large Emerging Markets To Serve 


Developing A Proof Of Concept

The Economical Point Of View

The Strategic Point Of View

The Political Point Of View

The Social Point Of View

The Operational Point Of View

The Branding Point Of View

The Marketing Point Of View

The Leadership Point Of View

The Return On Investment Point Of View

Creating A Separate Organization & Avoiding The Failure Of Cannibalism

Learning From The Manoj Sharma Entrepreneurial Blueprint

Entrepreneurial Phases Of Advancement

Entrepreneurial Paradigms Of Evolution

Entrepreneurial Levels Of Progression

Entrepreneurial Daily Practicalities Of Business

Entrepreneurial Process Of Development


Turning Small Profit Streams Into Large Rivers

Innovators Into Incumbents

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