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Building Brand You

What This Initiative Is About


The average career is at least 40 years long with people starting work at the average age of 25 years and retiring at the average age of 65. In the future, with increasing life spans, the average career will probably be much longer than 40 years. That is more than 4 decades long and more than enough time to realistically achieve whatever you desire and retire both financially and non-financially wealthy. But the above is only true if you understand, learn and know how to Build Brand You otherwise the 4 decades too will just rush on by with you getting nowhere.


People generally understand the value of the Brand of a Company, its goodwill, its effect on the market place, but rarely do they appreciate the value of Brand You. In the absence of knowing what is Brand You, How to Build Brand You and How to Benefit from Brand You, people will physically rush around for 40 years of their career in an attempt to get somewhere but end up going nowhere fast.


In this keynote, you will clearly understand the value of Brand You. It will revolutionise how you and everyone in your company view themselves, how you collectively act, produce results, benefit from breakthrough performance, and certainly how you live your life and meet your professional objectives and personal needs. It a nutshell it will leave you with a new perspective that will forever change you.


What You Can Expect


A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


How This Initiative Is Conducted


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


  • Illuminating introductions

  • Engaging dialogues

  • Interactive games & exercises

  • Thought provoking debriefs

  • Open questions & answer sessions

  • Reflection time-outs

  • Relevant case studies

  • Enriching assignments

  • Feedback loops


Initiative Outline


  • How people actually live their lives and go through their careers.

  • What the impact of “normal” thinking and behaviour is in the long run.

  • Understand Brand Value.

  • Appreciating Brand You.

  • The Benefits of Brand You.

  • Knowing you present Brand You.

  • The impact of your Present Brand You on your future.

  • Defining your Brand You

  • How to Build Brand You – appreciating your stock value.

  • How to measure your Brand You now and over time.

  • Build Brand You across your organization, community, country and world.

  • Relaxing and enjoying the journey of Building Brand You.

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