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What This Initiative Is About


Excellent communication skills are essential for professional and personal success in today’s hyper-connected and hyper-accelerated world.


Also, almost every individual, group and organisation problem can be traced back to communication that was simply not efficient, effective and efficacious enough. Ultimately, it is no coincidence that the most successful people, organisations and countries in the world all through out history shared a common trait of being great communicators.


With this realisation, isn’t it time you put in the effort to be a world class communicator right now?


It is time to stop wondering…


  • What is at the heart of being a World Class Communicator?


  • What do World Class Communicators know that everyone else doesn’t?


  • What do World Class Communicators instinctively do that the rest of world simply does not seem able to replicate?

…and instead engage us in this World Class Communication initiative and learn how to be an all-round World Class Communicator not just at work, but also at home and in your social circles too.


What You Can Expect


A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


How This Initiative Is Conducted


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


  • Illuminating introductions           

  • Engaging dialogues

  • Interactive games & exercises

  • Thought provoking debriefs

  • Open questions & answer sessions

  • Reflection time-outs

  • Relevant case studies

  • Enriching assignments

  • Feedback loops



Initiative Outline


Part 1 - The Architecture Of Being A World Class Communicator


The Essence Of Communication

      What Is Communication?

     The 3 Semiotic Rules Of Communication

  •  The Syntactic Rule

  •  The Pragmatic Rule

  • The Semantic Rule


A Brief History Of Communication Through The Ages


The Frameworks Of Communication Theories

  • The Mechanistic Point Of View

  • The Psychological Point Of View

  • The Social Construct Point Of View

  • The Systemic Point Of View

  • The Critical Point Of View

  • The Ontological Point Of View

  • The Epistemological Point Of View

  • The Axiological Point Of View

Wiio’s 7 Laws Of Communication


Part 2 – Building The Foundations Of Being A World Class Communicator


The “Barriers To World Class Communication” Game

  • The Barrier Of “Reactions”

  • The Barrier Of “I Already Know”

  • The Barrier Of “Ya,But”

  • The Barrier Of “Assumptions”

  • The Barrier Of “Set Minds”

  • The Barrier Of “Language”

  • The Barrier Of “Body Language”

  • The Barrier Of "Culture"

  • The Barrier Of “Noise”

  • The Barrier Of “Filters”

  • The Barrier Of “Orientation”

  • The Barrier Of “Motivation”

  • The Barrier Of “Manipulation”

  • The Barrier Of “Masquerading”

  • The Barrier Of “Meaning”

  • The Barrier Of “Feeling”

  • The Barrier Of “Intention”

  • The Barrier Of “Context”

  • The Barrier Of “Content”


The Complete World Class Communication Model


   World Class Interpersonal Communication


   The Magic Of Sounds

  • Sickening Noises

  • Universal Notes

  • Sacred Mantras


   The Semantics Of Words


  • Words As Indicators – The Nyaya View

  • Words As Evolving Entities – The Dictionary View


   The Power Of Language


  • Language Without Power – Our Normal Conversations           

  • Language With Power – Our Ontological Dialogues 


   World Class Intrapersonal Communication


    Are You Using Language Or Is Language Using You?

  • Your Language, Your Ontology, You Life

  • The Dialogues In Your Head


Part 3 – Polishing Up Your One-To-One World Class Communication Competencies


Knowing Different Types of Communicators


  The 4 Neurological Type Communicators

  The Seers

  •   The Hearers

  •   The Feelers

  •   The Digital


  The 4 Personality Communicators

  • The Strong

  • The Sociable

  • The Systematic

  • The Sophisticated


  The 9 Value Driven Communicators

  • The Regenerative

  • The Benevolent

  • The Effectuate

  • The Especial

  • The Erudite

  • The Allegiant

  • The Affective

  • The Provocative

  • The Amiable


World Class One-To-One Communication


The Art Of Listening

  • Not Hearing

  • Hearing

  • Selective Listening

  • Active Listening

  • Emphatic Listening

  • Non-Emphatic Listening

  • Listening Beyond Listening


The Art Of Questioning

  • Questioning To Clarify 

  • Questioning To Specify

  • Questioning To Explore          


The Art Of Dialoguing

  • Distinguishing Discussions

  • Distinguishing Debates

  • Distinguishing Dialogues                  


The Art Of Crystallising

  • Removing Doubt

  • Gaining Clarity

  • Establishing Agreement


The Art Of Actioning

  • Translating The Intangibles Into The Tangibles

  • Measuring The Meaningful

  • Focusing On The Target


The Art Of Feed-Backing And Feed-Forwarding

  • What Worked And What Didn’t Work                     

  • Thinking, Speaking And Actioning The Missing

  • What Is The Difference That Will Make The Difference


The Art Of Winning

  • Hitting Your "Ideal Life Situation" Target


Polishing Up Your Distinct One-To-One World Class Communication Style


  • Communicating Using Your Mental Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Emotional Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Physical Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Spiritual Quotients


Part 4 – Polishing Up Your One-To-Many World Class Communication Competencies


Preparing Yourself To Speak In Public To Small and Large Groups


Clarifying The Intention Of Your Communication

  • Your Ethos

  • Your Pathos

  • Your Logos


Appreciating The Context Of Your Communication

  • Being On Purpose

  • Being Audience Centric

  • Being Flexible


Crafting The Content Of Your Communication

  • Your Introduction

  • Your Body

  •  Your Conclusion


Transforming Your Nervousness Into A Compelling Passion


Expanding Your World Class Communication Repertoire

  • The Art Of Involvement – The Inspirer

  • The Art Of Story Telling – The Philosopher

  • The Art Of Facts And Figures – The Politician

  •  The Art Of Theatrics – The Actor

Polishing Up Your Distinct One-To-Many World Class Communication Style

  • Communicating Using Your Mental Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Emotional Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Physical Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Spiritual Quotients

Being A World Class Communicator

Your Chief Facilitator - Manoj Sharma

Who is Manoj Sharma?

Manoj Sharma is just a human being, doing his best to make a small difference in the world.


Professionally, Manoj Sharma is the Chief Facilitator of 


Manoj Sharma started his career in Special International Events for the Walt Disney Co. He continued, as a Group Business Development Director for a tech startup which was sold for SGD 23.5 million. He was subsequently the CEO of the Singapore Service Academy for more than 10 years. He has advised more than 300 large public and private organisations, assisted them with their organisational and professional development needs, as well as delivered keynotes and facilitated programs globally for more than 110,000 people. He considers this to be an absolute privilege.


Manoj sits on various committees. In 2003 he was invited by SPRING Singapore to advice on how to grow Singapore’s entrepreneurship landscape and subsequently sat of the Board of the Action Committee for Entrepreneurship. In 2012, he was invited by the Singapore Kindness Movement to conceptualise the framework for Kindness@Work, a national initiative designed to create a more gracious society starting with the CEOs of large organisations. Outside of his roles with the aforementioned organisations, he is highly active in the international start-up scene, as an investor, speaker, judge and thoroughly delights in mentoring entrepreneurs from around the world.


In his free time, Manoj enjoys playing a round of golf with his buddies. As for the future, Manoj looks forward to continue to contribute to society, to the best of his abilities.

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