Being A World Class Business-To-Business Sales Professional


Selling Without Selling

You know as well as we do, that your organisation’s success, in an ever-competitive and increasingly turbulent international marketplace, corresponds directly to your sales force’s ability to pick up and assist to solve the challenges facing your potential customers. You also know, you need to give them the best possible sales development initiative to create high-value solutions that give them a competitive edge.


Being A World Class Business-To-Business Sales Professional will do just that – give your entire sales team a great edge, so your organization can lead in tomorrow’s marketplace, starting today.


We’ve been listening…


You need a solid sales, marketing and business development strategy based on the latest best practices to transform your sales people into World Class Sales Professionals.


You need to give them an opportunity to thrive, by learning how to sell without selling.


You need to give your sales growth engine a sustainable shot in the arm and you need to do this right now. 


You need to reduce your cost of sales and duration of your sales cycles, while simultaneously growing your sales pipeline. 


You need greater share of wallet and greater share of market and you needed them yesterday.


You need an objective view point on how you run your sales machinery, assign territories and productively invest your sales people’s time.


Above all else, you need to reformulate how you communicate your value propositions so you instantly increase your sales.


Being A World Class Business-To-Business Sales Professional – Selling Without Selling will assist you with all of this and more.


Your sales professionals will, through this initiative, immediately…


1. Learn how to differentiate themselves from your competitors right from the start

2. Learn how to discover gaps in your potential customer’s value proposition

3. Learn to figure out how to address the gaps in your customer’s value propositions

4. Learn how to communicate your value propositions in the most compelling way possible

5. Learn how to be a truly top notch sales professional and have value supersede price

6. Learn how to build customer stickiness to increase share of wallet

7. Learn much, much more than they imagined they ever would



What You Can Expect

A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


How This Initiative Is Conducted


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


Illuminating introductions
Engaging dialogues
Interactive games & exercises
Thought provoking debriefs
Open questions & answer sessions
Reflection time-outs
Relevant case studies
Enriching assignments
Feedback loops


Initiative Outline


Part 1 – Learning How To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors Right From The Start / Knowing Yourself


Differentiating Your Offering From Your Competitors


The Keys To Differentiating Your Product

  • Quality Differentiation

  • Price Differentiation

  • Promotion Differentiation

  • Place Differentiation

The Keys To Differentiating Your Service

  • Technical Process Driven Service Differentiation

  • Non-Technical People Driven Service Differentiation


The Keys To Differentiating Your Brand

  • Differentiation Your Brand Value

  • Differentiation Your Brand Passion

  • Differentiation Your Brand Vision

  • Differentiation Your Brand Mission

  • Differentiation Your Brand Value

  • Differentiation Your Brand Identity


The Keys To Differentiating Your Marketing

  • Differentiating Your Marketing Advertising

  • Differentiating Your Marketing Public Relations

  • Differentiating Your Marketing Word Of Mouth

  • Differentiating Your Marketing Point Of Sale


The Keys To Differentiating Your Communications

  • Differentiating Your Internal Communications

  • Differentiating Your Internal Written Communications

  • Differentiating Your Internal Non-Written Communications

  • Differentiating Your External Communications

  • Differentiating Your External Written Communications

  • Differentiating Your External Non-Written Communications


The Keys To Differentiation Your Experience

  • Expressing Your Product As An Experience

  • Expressing Your Service As An Experience

  • Expressing Your Brand As An Experience

  • Expressing Your Marketing As An Experience

  • Expressing Your Communications As An Experience


Part 2 – Learning How To Discover Gaps In Your Potential Customer’s Value Propositions / Knowing Your Potential Customers


Building Sophistication As A World Class Sales Professional – Knowing Your Potential Customer’s Value Proposition


Differentiating Your Potential Customer’s Product Value Propositions

Differentiating Your Potential Customer’s Service Value Propositions

Differentiating Your Potential Customer’s Brand Value Propositions

Differentiating Your Potential Customer’s Marketing Value Propositions

Differentiating Your Potential Customer’s Communications Value Propositions

Differentiation Your Potential Customer’s Experience Value Propositions


Part 3 – Learning To Figure Out How To Address The Gaps In Your Potential Customer’s Value Proposition / Strategising How To Serve Your Potential Customers


Building Substance As A World Class Sales Professional / Knowing How To Address The Gap In Your Potential Customer’s Value Proposition


World Class Alignment Strategies / Figuring Out How Your Value Propositions Enhance Your Potential Customer’s Value Propositions

  • How Does Your Product Enhance Their Product

  • How Does Your Service Enhance Their Service

  • How Does Your Brand Enhance Their Brand

  • How Does Your Marketing Enhance Their Marketing

  • How Does Your Communication Enhance Their Communication

  • How Does Your Experience Enhance Their Experience


Appreciating Your Potential Customer’s Challenges


Creating A World Class Account Management System


Part 4 – Learning How To Communicate Your Value Proposition In The Most Compelling Way Possible / Serving Your Potential Customers


Building Sustainability As A World Class Sales Professional / Communicating As A World Class Business-To-Business Sales Professional


Communicating Your Value Proposition For Profitability, Performance & Fulfilment


The Art Of Listening For Areas Of Common Interest

The Art Of Questioning To Clarify, Specify & Explore The Solutions They Are Seeking

The Art Of Dialoguing To Build Meaningful, Trusting & Purposeful Relationships

The Art Of Crystallising To Remove Obstacles, Gain Clarity And Establish Agreements

The Art Of Actioning To Move Things Forward Successfully

The Art Of Feed-Backing And Feed-Forwarding To Ensure Mutually Beneficial Outcomes

The Art Of Winning To Hit Both Your Targets


Polishing Up Your World Class Sales Communication Style

  • Communicating Using Your Mental Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Emotional Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Physical Quotient

  • Communicating Using Your Spiritual Quotient


Part 5 – Learning How To Be A Truly Top Notch Sales Professional And Have Value Supersede Price / Transforming Potential Customers Into Customers


Knowing Points Of View Of Their Power Brokers

  • The Point Of View Of The Solution Seeking Department

  • The Point Of View Of The Purchasing & Procurement Department

  • The Point Of View Of The Accounting & Finance Depart

  • The Point Of View Of The Other Departments


The Value & Price Equation

  • Why Is Price An Issue?

  • Dealing With Pricing Both First And Last To Minimise The Price Issue

  • Avoiding A “Price War”

  • Avoiding “Giving Away The Ship”

  • Creating Win / Win / Win Partnerships At A “Higher Price”

  • Framing “The Purchase” For Mutual Success

  • Sealing “The Deal”


Part 6 – Learning How To Build Customer Stickiness To Increase Your Share Of Wallet / Growing Your Customers


The Secrets Of Growing Your Customers

  • Creating Brightness Of Your Collective Future

  • Enhancing The Quality Of Your Interaction

  • Ensuring The Quantity Of Your Interaction

  • Avoiding Darkness Of Your Collective Future


Strategies To Increase Share Of Wallet

  • Improving Your Product Value Propositions

  • Improving Your Service Value Propositions

  • Improving Your Brand Value Propositions

  • Improving Your Marketing Value Propositions

  • Improving Your Communications Value Propositions

  • Improving Your Experience Value Propositions

Your Chief Facilitator - Manoj Sharma

Who is Manoj Sharma?

Manoj Sharma is just a human being, doing his best to make a small difference in the world.


Professionally, Manoj Sharma is the CEO of, a smart survey + A.I. company that assists enterprises with their talent optimisation, customer experience and market research analytics needs. 


Manoj Sharma holds a B.Sc. Economics (Hons) Banking & Finance. He started his career as a Special Events Manager for the Walt Disney Co. He continued, as a Group Business Development Director for eGuide a tech startup which was sold for SGD 23.5 million. He was subsequently the CEO of DifferWorld and the Singapore Service Academy for more than 10 years. He has advised more than 300 large public and private organisations, assisted them with their organisational and professional development needs, as well as delivered keynotes and facilitated programs globally for more than 110,000 people. He considers this to be an absolute privilege.


Manoj sits on various committees. In 2003 he was invited by SPRING Singapore to advice on how to grow Singapore’s entrepreneurship landscape and subsequently sat of the Board of the Action Committee for Entrepreneurship. In 2012, he was invited by the Singapore Kindness Movement to conceptualise the framework for Kindness@Work, a national initiative designed to create a more gracious society starting with the CEOs of large organisations. Outside of his roles with the aforementioned organisations, he is highly active in the international start-up scene, as an investor, speaker, judge and thoroughly delights in mentoring entrepreneurs from around the world.


In his free time, Manoj enjoys playing a round of golf with his buddies. As for the future, Manoj looks forward to continue to contribute to society, to the best of his abilities. 




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