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Appreciating The Evolving
Social Media Landscape

What This Initiative Is About

While Social Media was once an emerging new world, it has now become the world as we know it. A world that has taken shape in the blink of an eye, at a rate unprecedented in human history. A world that is radically reshaping how we as people interact with one another across the globe at work, home and at play. While this world of Social Media is still only in its infancy, it is certain to continue to blaze a new trail for years to come.

For your organization to profit from this trend or at the very least to remain relevant, you need to develop your very own social media strategy and this can only start with a great in-depth appreciation of the new social media landscape.

This 1-day program promises to raise your understanding of the various Social Media Channels and their distinct value propositions. It will showcase the good, bad and the ugly of social media case studies so you avoid pitfall and scale new heights from the get go. It will get your organization immediately started and will also address the social media policy issues which tend to hamper progress, so you can organize you social media strategy and profit from it, right now.


What You Can Expect


A ground breaking, absolutely unique, expertly researched & created, world class, professionally delivered initiative, which will address your specific needs and benefit you for a lifetime.


How This Initiative Is Conducted


This perspective shaping initiative is expertly run as a series of …


Illuminating introductions
Engaging dialogues
Interactive games & exercises
Thought provoking debriefs
Open questions & answer sessions
Reflection time-outs
Relevant case studies
Enriching assignments
Feedback loops


Initiative Outline


Part 1 – Social Media Is THE Media Not An Alternative


Overview Of This Initiative

The World As It Was, As It Is & As It Will Be

Not A Lifestyle Choice, But A Work & Life Reality

Social Media Connections, Communities & Conversations

Part 2 – The World Of Social Media – The Channels & What They Do


Google+ – What It Can Do For Your Organization & How Best To Use It

FaceBook – What It Can Do For Your Organization & How Best To Use It

Twitter – What It Can Do For Your Organization & How Best To Use It

LinkedIn – What It Can Do For Your Organization & How Best To Use It

Blog & Vlogs – What It Can Do For Your Organization & How Best To Use It

Wikis – What It Can Do For Your Organization & How Best To Use It

The Other Big Things – What They Can Do For Your Organization & How Best To Use Them

The Next Big Thing – What It Will Do For Your Organization & How Best To Use It


Part 3 –Social Media Case Studies – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


How People Are Using Social Media

How Businesses Are Using Social Media

How Governments, Statutory Boards & Organs Of State Are Using Social Media


Part 4 – Getting Your Organization Started On Social Media


What To Monitor & How To Monitor It

How To Listen & Discern What Is Being Said

How To Converse, Create Conversation & Not Have Them Recreate You


Part 5 – Addressing The Social Media Policy Issue


Internal Policies – Media Policies, Workplace Policies, Accessibility Policies, Privacy Policies, Authorization Policies

External Policies – Terms Of Use, Comments Policies, Public Record & Advertising Disclaimers

The Different Angles – Communication, Administration, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Customer Service, Et cetera


Part 6 – Organising Your Social Media Strategy


Identifying Who You Want To Connect With

Clarifying Your Objectives

Creating Your Success Metrics

Putting Together Your Team

Choosing Your Channels

Time Lining Your Course Of Action

Inviting Your Community

Integrating Your Community

Creating Conversations That Matter

Adopting The Next

Measuring Your Successes

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